Lapazul’s Story

Bringing life to a dream.

Lapazul’s Story

Bringing life to a dream.

For many years Elizabeth Patricia envisioned a beautiful place surrounded by nature with a breathtaking view of the ocean where people could stay, be at peace, learn and heal from whatever ailed them whether it be spiritual, emotional or physical.

And in May 2016, she and her husband celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in Costa Rica. As she stepped onto a piece of land high in the mountains, she knew that it was the place she had envisioned. It was from that moment that Lapazul was born.

Lapazul is where people can come from around the world to connect to a place like none other and to people seeking the same knowledge. A place where the beauty around them awakens their senses and opens them to amazing personal breakthroughs. A place that welcomes them to its peaceful beauty and tranquil environment. A place where a lifelong dream found its home on the central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

Lapazul is that place. A place that offers an unparalleled experience.


Elizabeth Patricia Connor

Patricia is the owner of Lapazul.

Marek Kowalczyk

Marek is the Owner of Lapazul.

Esteban Arce

Operations Manager

Amy Matthews

Marketing & Consulting

Amy is the Marketing Consultant for Lapazul.

Deiby Mora Chinchilla


Adriana Vargas

Reservation Manager

Unparalleled Beauty

Insiders have long known that Costa Rica is so much more than a vacation spot. It has been described as an interactive sensory experience. From the moment you step off the plane, Costa Rica will awaken your senses.

As one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world, it will engage your mind as you take in the stunning beauty that awaits you. Scientists believe that close to 4 percent of the planet’s species can be found in this exotic land. And as you journey to Lapazul, you will witness much of what it has to offer.

And when you arrive at Lapazul you will be treated to the sounds and smells of a place like no other. As you are welcomed to the edge of the jungle where the staff will ensure you immerse yourself in all that this land has to offer from the native cuisine to the sand of its beaches between your toes.
Costa Rica awaits you. Lapazul welcomes you.

Lapazul Awaits You


Lapazul Awaits You